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Adult Classes (Ages 13 and Up)​
Fitness Kickboxing

Our Kickboxing program is an exciting 1 HOUR fitness workout! Whether your goal is just to get in shape or learn self-defense, this program is perfect for you! We focus on cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and self-defense. Burn up to 900 calories!

Unlimited // $115 per month

All Classes! (BJJ, No Gi BJJ, Self Defense & Kickboxing)

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend himself or herself against a stronger, larger person via proper techniques and leverage. Most fights end up on the ground and this is where Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is extremely useful. 

Training both Gi and No Gi will make you a much better grappler. It is a mutual benefit. It will correct all your weaknesses. Learn “Real World” Self Defense Our Adult program is similar to our Junior.

Unlimited // $135 per month

Kids Classes (Ages 4 - 12)
Mighty Warriors (Ages 4 - 7)

This class meets twice a week and introduces these little ones to the very beginning basics of Martial Arts. Our goal is to teach them evasion, and blocks, basically how to avoid getting hit or grabbed, through fun drills and activities. 

They work on listening skills, following directions, cooperating and being an excellent partner. This class will also boost their self-confidence, coordination and fitness. It also introduced them to the beginning basics of Kids BJJ.

Mon & Wed // $85 per month

Junior Warriors // BJJ

We help them develop the tools necessary so they can mentally and physically defend themselves at school (without striking) or on the street. (with striking). In our Kids BJJ program which is integrated in our system, they will learn to effectively be able to control their attacker from the ground. 

Through their journey, they will develop self-confidence, respect for all others, coordination, fitness, and awareness. We also work with them on how to be “bully proof”.

Unlimited // $135 per month

Family Plans (Unlimited Classes)
Family Plan A (2 Students)

$225 per month

Family Plan B (3 Students)

$300 per month

Family Plan C (4 Students)

$350 per month

Private and Semi-Private Lessons
Semi-Private and Private Lessons

Semi-Private lessons are perfect for families, small groups to share the costs! Private lessons for individuals.

By Appointment Only 

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12 Month Agreement

Commit to an entire year of classes and save 10%. 

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6 Month Agreement

Commit to 6 months of classes and save 5%. 

5% Discount

Military and First Responders

We proudly support our military, veterans, law enforcement and first responders. Present ID and receive 10% off any plan. 

10% Discount